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Get to know us at Strawberry Lemonade Competitions!

Get to know us



I’m Tina, and I am the creator of Strawberry Lemonade Competitions.

I decided to create this business as I often enter Competitions to win prizes myself, but noticed that every draw I entered had poor odds of winning and the draws themselves were not live and lacked any real excitement.

So fast forward a bit and here is Strawberry Lemonade. We do the exact opposite. We make sure we have the most dreamy prizes for tiny ticket prices at unbelievable odds with live draws every fortnight on our Facebook page.

During our live draws we will use Google random number generator to generate the winning ticket numbers. All the lucky winners are contacted during the live draw. So pour yourself a glass of your favourite bubbles 🍾 and tune in.

What are you waiting for?

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